For all of us socially distanced and distracted, I bring you the official release of my new music web site  - (what an original name) - with tunes that will hopefully help you embrace the mess, feel the need to take on tyrants or just let you boogie all night. Or maybe you want to virtually hug your circle of friends-cause you gotta laugh, ho, ho, ho.  

They are also available world-wide including  Amazon streaming,  iTunes and CDBaby for sale and listening; we’re even on Youtube and Spotify.   

Joined by a collection of some amazing singers, lyricists, musicians and lifelong friends, here is an assortment of tunes, piano albums and some live performances that include Carnegie Recital Hall and various downtown NYC dives, not to mention Brandeis and the academic haunts of my salad days, to even Jimmy’s basement. However, over the last decade I have also been creating in my own virtual digital sound world.  

Of course, you may be a vegan, like my bro ARNKUSH, who worries that Mother Nature will Spank Us, and that we are turning into wind-up toys or that the Apocalypse is coming.  Or maybe you want to feel the angst of Sir Walter Raleigh as told in his poem, Life of Man, which was written as he was awaiting execution, proving -- you should never piss off a Queen. Sung by the legendary James Casola, there won't be a dry eye in the house.  

You can also just sit back, and let the muse hit you with a piano piece or two;  since I've been playing the piano for 64 years and with 4 piano albums up and more coming -- from blues, jazz, classical and rock, sometimes in the same tune, there's a bunch to pick from.  

In the end, I hope to put a smile (or smirk) on your face, and bring you a moment of respite from the storm.  

Finally, as all of this continues, I will be putting out a lot more songs, piano pieces, small symphonic works...  I already put up my piece for laughing box and piano.  

To read more about the music as well as the other half of my life, the IRREGULATORS, a consortium of senior telecom lawyers, forensic auditors and analysts, many from the FCC, Attorney General and Consumer advocate offices, as well as independent consultants.

So, to my friends, associates, family and XXXX (redacted)… thanks.  


PS: As a kid my circle of friends called me “Kush”.